Concrete X-Ray

Do you know what is in the concrete you are about to cut or drill into?

One Contractor thought he did and cut the PT cable.

 Why X-Ray?

  • Best Method for inspecting concrete
  • Easy to identify inclusions
  • Up to 16“ slab, depending on concrete density
  • Film developed on-site
  • Results are immediate
  • Suspended Slabs, CMU, and Concrete Walls

X-Ray Process

  1. Upon arrival to site we do a complete walk through of your project.
  2. We identify the North location and number the shots(locations).
  3. We utilize a proprietary magnet and gauss meter to verify x-y location on the bottom of the slab for best film placement.
  4. Radiation barriers are set up to protect the general public.
  5. X-rays are taken of each location.
  6. Film is processed in our mobile darkroom.
  7. We layout the findings on the slab.

What You Need To Do

  • Mark the location(s) you wish to core, drill or saw-cut.
  • Provide access to both sides of concrete if suspended slab.
  • Ensure gamma radiography is allowed for use on your project.
  • Call one of our offices to schedule the job.

Layout Example

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Sample Report

Should your project require a report, we can take digital photos of the project site and the radiograph and provide a brief narrative of the findings. Then we can print or email the report to your desired contacts or save the data to a CD for your archives.

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